Making Mathineers


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Are some people born with a math gene?
Math Separates Society. Math is just as polarizing as politics and religion. Schools continue to create the haves and have-nots of mathematics.
Teachers, what is your math story?
What is the math story of your students?
Each student has a unique math story and perspective that is often overlooked in math classrooms. Student math performance does not define math understanding. Math Ability and Number Sense are not the same and must be carefully identified separately for each student.
Why do students hate math?
Learning math is emotional for students. Teaching, facilitating, and delivering math content creates emotions and attitudes for teachers and students – Why? Teachers must continue to refine their methods and techniques for providing rich math experiences that engage and motivate every student. Making Mathineers is for math educators, school leaders, and parents who desperately want to improve math understanding and achievement for themselves AND their learners.
Find out how to:
  • Un-separate math society.
  • Uncover the unique mathematical story and potential of each student.
  • Unlock the joy of math teaching and learning.


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